An Overview of the EZ Weed Cannabis Vending Machine

It was great news in the cannabis industry when the American Green (ERBB: OTC) declared that EZ WEED had chosen and bought the exclusive smart vending machine of the company. AGM. It will be regarded as the system of choice for the new business enterprise of the EZ Weed joining with the proposed cannabis dispensaries all around the nation.

Lauren Smee, the Managing Partner is behind the operation of EZ Weed and is supported by the venture capitalist and NFL Linebacker, Lamarr Houston. Houston was a professional player for the Chicago Bears as well as Oakland Raiders. He recently visited the AGM facility of American Green in Gastonia, NC. Lindel Creed, the AGM Division Head said that Mr. Houston and Ms. Smee were well aware of the machine features they needed for their venture during their visit. When they left, they were sure that the American Green could help them out with their venture.

EZ Weed hopes that they can buy and provide the AGM Dispensing Vending Machines after the national launch of EZ Weed. They have already started to acquire location agreements with prominent US dispensaries. Ms. Smee said that their collaboration with American Green is very important in achieving its mission of turning out to be the first national conventional marijuana vending machine service provider. AGM features automated sales methods with brilliant vending skills that will help in the growth of sales for the new venture.

EZ Weed was launched in January 2020. The love and interest in cannabis and Ms. Smee’s knowledge of starting new ventures are the main factors that led to the emergence of this company. This new startup aims at bringing a fresh twist and a huge sales method to the whole cannabis industry. A dispensary’s average sales process can be between 15 to 45 minutes. Using the EZ Weed, even a newbie user can complete the whole process within 3-5 minutes. Along with the state-of-the-art machines, “white glove” customer service and customizable digital marketing are also provided to every American Green AGM vending machine by EZ Weed. The company is to provide all the services regarding product display, custom menus, machine maintenance, etc along with a skilled account manager that tracks machine inventory and sales remotely. The companies like this can plan to use blockchain technology for better data storage. As crypto trading is widely accepted, blockchain technology is also gaining popularity. Traders can use bitcoin robots like the bitqt to enhance their trade. Take the BitQT test to find a detailed review of this platform.

EZ Weed finds it difficult to serve cannabis users efficiently on the national level. Innovative ideas and a strong venture capital firm like the League Ventures are helping EZ Weed to improve the sales process for both seasoned and new cannabis users around America. The websites of both these companies give all the necessary information.

American Green expects a long-term collaboration with the EZ Weed and hopes that their convenient and human-less interaction is ideal for the present atmosphere of the country currently as well as in the future. Experienced and skilled vending route operators who work for an important market and hope to include an extensive array of legalized CBD products in their current route can connect with Mr. Lindel Creed.